Family portraits are so much more than just a photograph, and just something decorative to look at. They tell a story, and let kids and grandkids of future generations know where they come from.

It is because they are not the same as any other type of photograph, that you should only trust the taking of your family portrait to a professional portrait photographer. To really capture the essence of your family, no-one else will do.

It is a mistake to consider the cost of a professional portrait photographer to be a frivolous expense. Keep in mind that the end product is something that will stay within your family for years to come, and will bring enjoyment to many. When you think of a family portrait like that – like an investment – then the cost is much easier to justify. Not only will it give joy and comfort to your kids and grandkids, when your own children have left your house for college or jobs, you will be able to look back at your family portrait and derive immense joy from it.

So, what do you need to consider, having come to the decision that a family portrait is needed? Well, there is your budget, the type of photograph that you want, and how to best use your chosen shot.

Your budget will determine the type and quality of photo studio that you can hire. These studios charge a fee per session, which typically lasts around an hour, and there are ones available to suit all budgets. The better the studio, and the better the photographer, the more likely you are to get exactly the kind of portrait that you have in mind. You can still get a good quality family portrait at a lower cost though, it’s just that you will probably be dealing with a less qualified and / or experienced photographer. A quality studio will also be able to supply you with the entire spectrum of after shoot services such as prints and frames.

Once you have found the right studio for you, the next step is to discuss with your family what type of family portrait you would all like. You can choose a high key portrait with a white background, a more demure, sober low-key photograph with moody lighting and dull colors, or even an outdoor photograph that captures your family together in the midst of an activity. If you are not sure what would look best, then just ask your chosen photographer if you can look through their portfolio. They will also be more than willing to give you their own advice and opinions should you want them.

The final step is to decide what to do with the portrait after it has been shot. Would you prefer a single large framed print, or a frame that is made up of a series of photographs that capture different moments in the family? Would you prefer a printed canvas, or perhaps you want to go a bit trendy with a printed coffee table book? These are just a couple of the decisions that you will have to make – there are plenty more. It’s a fun process though, and one which will bring your family closer together.

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A family portrait is a priceless heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. Why not make this heirloom as good as possible by hiring a professional family photographer? Learn more here : Family Photography By Mark Walters.